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June 26 2017







hey guys psa regarding hospital bills

don’t just pay it. do not automatically pay the hospital bill when you receive it. call your health insurance provider and POLITELY say, “excuse me, i just received a bill for $1200 for my hospital visit/ER visit/etc., is that the correct amount i’m supposed to pay?” because hospitals bill you before your health insurance and they will take your money no matter how the amount due may change based on your health insurance looking at it. 90% of the time, if your health insurance is in any way involved in the payment of that bill, you do not have to pay as much as the hospital is billing you for. call your health insurance provider first, and POLITELY request clarification, always remember that the person you are talking to is human and this is just their job, and then you will very likely find out you actually only owe $500.

don’t shout at anyone about it, don’t get mad, just understand that this is The Way Things Are right now and call your health insurance provider before paying the bill your hospital just sent you. there’s a chance the hospital bill might be correct, true, but call your health insurance provider.

THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT. after my car accident last year the hospital billed me ~$8000. They sent me letters asking me to pay, and I called them back saying my insurance was processing the claim. This is also what I told the collection agency when they kept calling me about the $1000 emergency room fee (billed separately from the hospital fee, mind you). Once everything got straightened out, all I was actually liable for was my $200 emergency copay.

!!!!!!! things my ass didn’t know !!!!!!!!

Yes this is a life lesson my adulting ass didn’t know I needed and I’m out 80 bucks for an anti-nausea pill. 😒😒😒😒😒

Reblogging for American friends.

Also, it is important [for people receiving medical care in the USA] to carefully read all of the items on the medical bill and look for errors and overcharges. I know that the normal feelings of avoidance and dread can make it hard to look at scary hospital bills, and that’s okay! But as the OP mentions, private orgs like hospitals don’t monitor overpayment of bills - they are motivated to charge you extra - and it is basically impossible to get your money back. Read the bill carefully and make sure that the charges are correct, using the links below for help if you need. If they haven’t sent you an itemized list, you can ask for one. Sometimes you will be charged extra for items or treatment you didn’t receive. Most people don’t know that you can dispute medical bills! But in 2009, Consumer Reports stated that 8 out of 10 medical bills scrutinized by a watchdog had errors, and generally you are not obligated to pay for someone else’s error.

You may be charged for using medication that you actually brought into the hospital with you - that’s easy to dispute! You may be charged for the consumables used during your stay such as sheets, gloves, gowns, etc - the hospital should actually cover that under its running budget. You may be charged for a brand name drug if the generic was available for cheaper - the links below explain how and when you can dispute this. You may be charged a surprisingly expensive “oral administration fee” (where a nurse puts pills for you to take in a little clean paper cup and then hands it to you) but that’s worth disputing if you were actually able to take the pill out of a bottle and put it in your own mouth. And so on.

8 Things You Should Know About Challenging a Medical Bill (FORBES) (includes links to sites that help you calculate how much a procedure/treatment usually costs in your area, if the costs seem super high)

7 Tips for Fighting and Paying A Huge Medical Bill (FORBES) This explains briefly how to negotiate costs, and payment plans.

10 Common Medical Billing Overcharges You Can Prevent (Bill Advocates) A breakdown of errors and overcharges to double check.

Check medical bills for errors: Overcharges are fairly common, and correcting them can save you thousands of dollars (Consumer Reports) More of the same with links to some groups.

A lot of hospitals won’t itemize your bills, so demand an itemized list.  This will include charges for gloves, gauze, etc.  Shit you should NOT have to pay.  When you see that shit go to the billing department IN PERSON.  Show these things to the person there, argue your case.  Why the fuck are they charging you $20 for a pair of sterile gloves when the box of them cost $5?  Why are they charging you $80 for gauze that a box for it will only cost $1?  Go so far as to do a search online for the lowest cost of these items, print that shit out, show it to the person in the billing department.

I have Medicare and Medicaid.  I received a bill for $9k for a single visit to the doctor due to pneumonia.  They did XRays to check my lungs, did an exam on me, etc.  The clinic didn’t even send the bill to my insurance.  I called the billing department and asked them why this hadn’t been sent to my insurance and the short answer is the people in the billing department are lazy fucks who didn’t want to do any paperwork.  I called my insurance who in turn called the clinic, and then two weeks later I receive a notice saying I owe NOTHING.  I don’t know what happened between my insurance and the clinic billing department, but it worked.

If you still can’t afford your bill contact the billing department and ask about their financial assistance program.  All clinics and hospitals have them, but won’t talk about it.  You have to ask.  Fill out the paperwork, and make a small monthly payment to keep the collection agencies from bugging you.  When it all goes through you may end up receiving a check for what you paid because hey, full financial coverage.

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I have a dream

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the realness


you’re allowed to say “no”. you’re allowed to say “i’m not comfortable with this”. you’re allowed to say “please leave”. you’re allowed to say “no, i don’t want to talk to you”. anyone who acts like they’re entitled to your body, time or attention thinks they somehow own you. and they really don’t.

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Imagine being a human in an alien crew in space and leaving with bright blue or pink hair and the color fades and everybody on board wonders WHY you are losing your colors??? Is it the lack of greens? Are you sad? Angry? They just don’t know??


These are the kinds of pure posts I come to this place for.

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hot news: male reviewer of wonder woman has never heard of lesbians in his life, more at 7

“lives sexlessly without men”

Weak cishet males

Amazon Society: *produces a 12 volume work on the subject of pleasure*

Diana: When it comes to procreation, men are essential, but for pleasure, not necessary.

Male Reviewer: I guess that means they don’t know about sex!

Me: Harold, they’re lesbians.

I thought it was pretty clear that both women (but very obviously Antiope) had wives/partners who appeared in multiple background scenes.  But even without that, uh wtf?


A lesbian friend and I were discussing how cis men can’t handle any kind of sexuality that doesn’t center men. And this is just yet more proof. OMG.

Just Amazons bein’ Palazons.

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“so how you doin’?”


telling women to “stay in STEM!!!(/academia in general)” is completely useless if the men in academia still aren’t taught not to disrespect women in academia, harrass them, devalue them, abuse them.

like this may come as a surprise but…so many women who enter academia leave it not because women as a whole lack motivation, but because it is an actively hostile environment for them lmao













South Asian people using their hand to eat rice is not something abnormal or gross.. It’s our tradition and it’s just as normal as East Asians using chopsticks.

Also if you think the hand is gross or not clean enough for us to pick our food but you think it’s clean enough for you to hold your pizza, burger then just letting you know you are fuckin hypocrite lol

lowkey don’t like how ppl are tagging this as unsanitary

I eat curry and rice with my hands and let me tell you…it’s a sacred technique

Americans eat food with our fingers all the fucking time. It’s ridiculous to call it unsanitary… unless your hands are dirty. 

Guys it’s not rocket science

You just eat the food
With your hand?

Are your hands clean?
Then you’re fine.

it’s highkey racist tagging this as unsanitary.

everyone who tagged this with #unsanitary is a fuckin racist and is no longer ever allowed to eat anything with their bare hands ever again

There is a technique to eating with our fingers that white people don’t know. The way Westerners eat with their hands is downright unsanitary and it has nothing to do with how we do it. There is an entire etiquette laid down in Buddhist writings on the proper and sanitary way to eat with our fingers and it is so delicate and refined that it makes most people who stab away with their cutlery look gross in comparison.

We scrub our hands thoroughly before we eat.

We only use our right hand for eating (unless you’re a leftie) and then the food can only come up to the inside of the second knuckle and the fingers do not touch the tongue or inside of the mouth.

The left hand never touches the food if you are eating a rice-based dish and if you are eating bread, the left is only used to help tear and never touches the plate.

You’re supposed to push the food into the mouth with your thumb.

Food does not touch the palm.

Your cheeks are not supposed to bulge when eating.

Food is not supposed to spill or smear anywhere.

It is also considered gross to lick your fingers. Saliva does not make contact with one’s hands at any point.

Unless you’ve spent years learning, you won’t be able to do this properly. Conversely, I only started using cutlery to eat when I was 14 and picked it up fine.

Most South Asians find cutlery somewhat off-putting because they’ve been in other people’s mouths and we don’t know how clean they are, especially at restaurants. And yet we adapt and don’t go around calling other people’s ways of life unsanitary and barbaric.

Don’t be ignorant and supremacist, please.

Note: the bit about licking your fingers does not apply to Muslim South Asians. We’re encouraged to do so because it follows the example of the Prophet and also because it reduces food waste. But only after we’re done eating, and then there’s a specific order (pinkie to thumb). Everything else @pornyplothead said is accurate. Y'all don’t know jack shit about South Asian mealtime etiquette.
Thanks @amethystinia. I stand corrected. There are also such variations among the many, many South Asian cultures and they all have specific dictates concerning hygiene and consuming food without mess or waste. Our cultures are extremely old and our traditions have kept us hale and hearty all that time. Respect them.

As a disabled (dysgraphic) person, it’s so much easier to eat with my hands. I couldn’t properly hold silverware up until I was about eight, and even now I still find it difficult. It would be so much easier for me if eating with my hands was considered acceptable in Western culture. 

Adding this as an American with no Asian heritage, I work at a restaurant. A pretty fancy restaurant. We have forks and knives and spoons that we wash constantly and put on the tables for everyone to use and it’s DISGUSTING. If you want to tag something as unsanitary, tag the way you eat with cutlery, not how they eat with their hands. Also do you know how often I see people come in with CLEARLY dirty hands and eat things like burgers and fries with those hands and don’t wash them? Stay away from Asian culture and check yourself before you say anything about theirs.


There are probably loads of people that find you attractive but have chosen not to say anything.


also like 10-15 years from now I hope someone makes one of those inspirational sports movies except it’s a 50 year old woman who wants to play competitive online games and everyone tells her she can’t because she’s too old, her reflexes are too slow, etc, and she gets this grizzled trainer except they’re a 19 year old kid who had a promising career until carpal tunnel syndrome ruined their chances of becoming the world champion so they train her and she fuckin wins, the end. movie of the year.

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These are the Obama administration’s defining moments told through his social media

As I went through two terms worth of tweets, Instagrams, and Snapchats, I was struck by three qualities that never wavered: A sense of humor, respect for women, and love, in all its forms.


This is how a prominent political figure should represent themselves over social media. In this society, portraying yourself in social media is really important, and if you come off as funny but also respectful, that’s the best. 

😭 I miss him/them so much…
















It just kills me when writers create franchises where like 95% of the speaking roles are male, then get morally offended that all of the popular ships are gay. It’s like, what did they expect?

#friendly reminder that I once put my statistics degree to good use and did some calculations about ship ratios#and yes considering the gender ratios of characters#the prevalence of gay ships is completely predictable (via sarahtonin42)

I feel this is something that does often get overlooked in slash shipping, especially in articles that try to ‘explain’ the phenomena. No matter the show, movie or book, people are going to ship. When everyone is a dude and the well written relationships are all dudes, of course we’re gonna go for romance among the dudes because we have no other options.


A lot of analyses propose that the overwhelming predominance of male/male ships over female/female and female/male ships in fandom reflects an unhealthy fetishisation of male homosexuality and a deep-seated self-hatred on the part of women in fandom. While it’s true that many fandoms certainly have issues gender-wise, that sort of analysis willfully overlooks a rather more obvious culprit.

Suppose, for the sake of argument, that we have a hypothetical media franchise with twelve recurring speaking roles, nine of which are male and three of which are female.

(Note that this is actually a bit better than average representaton-wise - female representation in popular media franchises is typicaly well below the 25% contemplated here.)

Assuming that any character can be shipped with any other without regard for age, gender, social position or prior relationship - and for simplicity excluding cloning, time travel and other “selfcest”-enabling scenarios - this yields the following (non-polyamorous) possibilities:

Possible F/F ships: 3
Possible F/M ships: 27
Possible M/M ships: 36


Thus, assuming - again, for the sake of simplicity - that every possible ship is about equally likely to appeal to any given fan, we’d reasonably expect about (36/66) = 55% of all shipping-related media to feature M/M pairings. No particular prejudice in favour of male characters and/or against female characters is necessary for us to get there.

The point is this: before we can conclude that representation in shipping is being skewed by fan prejudice, we have to ask how skewed it would be even in the absence of any particular prejudice on the part of the fans. Or, to put it another way, we have to ask ourselves: are we criticising women in fandom - and let’s be honest here, this type of criticism is almost exclusively directed at women - for creating a representation problem, or are we merely criticising them for failing to correct an existing one?


Also food for thought: the obvious correction to a lack of non-male representation in a story is to add more non-males. Female Original Characters are often decried as self-insertion or Mary Sues, particular if romance or sex is a primary focus.

I really appreciate when tumblr commentary is of the quality I might see at an academic conference. No joke.

This doesn’t even account  for the disparity in the amount of screen time/dialogue male characters to get in comparison to female characters, and how much time other characters spend talking about male characters even when they aren’t onscreen. This all leads to male characters ending up more fully developed, and more nuanced than female characters. The more an audience feels like they know a character, the more likely an audience is to care about a character. More network television writers are men. Male writers tend to understand men better than women, statistically speaking. Female characters are more likely to be written by men who don’t understand women vary well. 

But it’s easier to blame the collateral damage than solve the root problem.

Yay, mathy arguments. :)

This is certainly one large factor in the amount of M/M slash out there, and the first reason that occurred to me when I first got into fandom (I don’t think it’s the sole reason, but I think it’s a bigger one than some people in the Why So Much Slash debate give our credit for). And nice point about adding female OCs.

In some of my shipping-related stats, I found that shows with more major female characters lead to more femslash (also more het).  (e.g. femslash in female-heavy media; femslash deep dive) I’ve never actually tried to do an analysis to pin down how much of fandom’s M/M preference is explained by the predominance of male characters in the source media, but I’m periodically tempted to try to do so.

All great points. Another thing I notice is that many shows are built around the idea that the team or the partner is the most important thing in the universe. Watch any buddy cop show, and half of the episodes have a character on a date that is inevitably interrupted because The Job comes first… except “The Job” actually means “My Partner”.

When it’s a male-female buddy show, all of the failed relationships are usually, canonically, because the leads belong together. (Look at early Bones: she dates that guy who is his old friend and clearly a stand-in for him. They break up because *coughcoughhandwave*. That stuff happens constantly.) Male-male buddy shows write the central relationship the exact same way except that they expect us to read it as platonic.

Long before it becomes canon, the potential ship of Mulder/Scully or Booth/Bones or whatever lead male/female couple consumes the fandom. It’s not about the genders involved. Rizzoli/Isles was like this too.

If canon tells us that no other relationship has ever measured up to this one, why should we keep them apart? Don’t like slash of your shows, prissy writers? Then stop writing all of your leads locked in epic One True Love romance novel relationships with their same-sex coworkers. Give them warm, funny, interesting love interests, not cardboard cutouts…

And then we will ship an OT3.

I would like to add a probably problematic addendum to this. In that in certain pieces of media that are pretty much all centered around families–where everyone interesting is related to each other in some way–that makes the probability that incest ships will get somewhat popular fairly high. Simply because there aren’t any real OPTIONS for ships that aren’t in some way incestuous or otherwise weird and taboo, like huge age gaps or really noticeably unbalanced power dynamics. 

I’m not CONDONING shipping those things. I am simply saying that when you decry the horrific depravity of fandom for daring to ship two people who are related, maybe consider the statistics involved, and consider HOW those ships are commonly shipped over the fact that they are at all. Like if you find that fans are going out of their way to write characters who are siblings as not related to each other in AU for fic or whatever then like?? Yeah. That’s probably a factor.

I’ve been in different fandoms for ten years so far, and in that time, I also happen to have gotten a Sociology degree. And these are the “rules” I’ve picked up on.

1) Shipping will happen. Accept it and plan for it.

2)The most popular ship will be amongst whoever character’s inner life, relationships, and screen time are delved into the most–as long as…

       Addendum to 2: they’re marginally attractive. If that important main character happens to be, say, a talking dog, then most of the fandom will resist and ship other things because of the “marginally attractive” rule. Others will come up with elaborate body switch/humanization/whatever plots to handwave it away and imagine the dog looking like their favorite actor.  There will be a small group who straight up ships the dog as is anyway, but waaaaaay smaller than if it was a normal attractive male human. But still–you’ve put a talking dog in center stage, so prepare for fanfic to be written about it in some way. It will just be significantly less if it breaks the “marginally attractive” rule.

3)There will always be outliers in fandom. Just because a fanfic exists of Roy Orbison in clingfilm, doesn’t mean much. That just tells us about the proclivities of that particular dude who write it. When we notice overall TRENDS and popular ships of broad swaths of people, then we can start seeing actual patterns. So there WILL be people who break these rules in disturbing ways, but those people are exceptions to the rule that don’t discount the overall trend. 

Now, WHAT fandom and people as a whole considers acceptable for the “generally attractive” rule, that’s when we can notice some interesting things. The majority of fandoms where I’ve seen lots and lots and LOTS of ships around what are technically underage teenagers are from media that are a)Films with characters played by much older actors, and b)written narratives where we can imagine the characters as said much older actors. Our idea of what certain ages “look like” is warped pretty heavily from Hollywood casting much older people in the roles. Fanart of teenage characters from written works usually bear this out–they will usually be drawn older than an actual person that age tends to look.

Now, let’s apply this rule to one of the mysteries of Tumblr: The goddamn Onceler. Now WHY of all goddamn things the completely mediocre Lorax movie got so much fanart and fanfiction attention, I don’t know. I’m still picking apart what creates MORE fanfic of one media property over another(its not just popularity–lots of book series can be popular but have bupkis for fic), but I have a feeling, even if I did, the goddamn Lorax would probably still end up as a paradox. But when you look at the characters with ACTUAL SCREEN TIME in the movie, it becomes easy to apply this rule. The only people with significant lines and screen time are characters who are VERY clearly children, a strange little creature voiced by Danny Devito, and the Onceler. The only marginally attractive one is the Onceler, so the only possible option fandom could come up with is to pair him with HIMSELF from the FUTURE.

 When you frame it in terms of how fandom makes decisions on who gets shipped, it makes perfect sense. Weird Onceler time shipping was bound to happen just from how the movie is written. If your only alternatives are straight-up pedophilia and imagining this strange orange creature with DeVito voice having sex, then yes, I’d choose shipping the Onceler with a future version of himself too.

Let apply it to another fandom: Supernatural. Now, any fan of that show can tell you that for a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time, everyone but the two main characters–who are brothers–dies around them. ESPECIALLY if you’re presented as a love interest in any way. The two attractive brothers have absolutely no one to depend on but each other, only about once a season visiting a long-time associate holed up in a bunker, who provides pretty much only resources and infodumps(spoiler alert! They also inevitably die, it just takes longer). Think of the rules: the Supernatural writers basically wrote their fandom into either writing incest, or sitting on their hands and shipping nothing at all. I will certainly not deny that incest is a kink some people have, but statistically there are no doubt lots of shippers in Supernatural who never thought of doing such a thing–and for which the kink has no particular thrill–who have nevertheless been roped into doing so just because the need to write SOMETHING to comfort those beleaguered characters.

After Supernatural had an episode or two lampooning fan culture and generally letting the audience know they were aware of their fandom, they finally wised up that they’d put their fans in this weird position and gave the brothers the consistent angel associate, Castiel. But this was seasons and seasons late in the game, so for some, that damage has already been done, so to speak. 

You’ve made a show where most of the characters are robots, like Transformers? Well, prepare for written robot sex. You’ve written a show about humanized animals and their adventures? Congratulations, you’ve made furries. You can apply this to basically anything.

I think this also ties in with fandom’s accepted problem with racial minority characters as well. If the show just shoves a character in there for diversity’s sake and the writers seem unwilling/afraid to actually use a character, then the fandom won’t either. The characters fandom will write the most about will statistically be white males, because those are statistically the most common heroes and characters with the most development and screen time. Now, does the usual unconscious bias of fans also hurt matters? Ab-so-fucking-lutely. But fans also aren’t writing in a vacuum. They’re building off the original work, and some of the flaws of the original are going to come through.

I’d be curious to see, given this analysis - which I really like and think accounts for a lot of this - what’s up with The Force Awakens?

Specifically: why the fuck is Hux such a big fandom character

‘What’s up with The Force Awakens?’ 

tl;dr : Racism.

The rules listed above do not seem to be applying the variable of race and/or ethnicity into how fandom goes about deciding to ship things, though the reply above does take a moment to acknowledge that it should be said loudly and very clearly. It is pretty clear going through AO3 tags, the presence of a main male character in popular ships decreases as the amount of melanin they are gifted with increases.

In that case the whole rule of whatever ‘character has the most of their inner life shown’ goes right out the window. You could argue that brown/black/POC characters don’t get the same treatment in the first place compared to other white characters, which holds some water but also goes down a completely different path and doesn’t explain why white characters with very little inner-self shown on screen or very minimal time on-screen at all, get preference. But, basically, in the presence of white characters and the possibility of white-only ships, they will be picked by fandom over multi-racial and especially POC/POC ships. This happens in MCU, Star Wars, Teen Wolf, and Star Trek to name a few fandoms off the top of my head.

This doubles down if the POC-inclusive ship involves a female character or is a heterosexual ship.

But as for why Hux is so popular, there’s a good post about the ‘ghost of fandom’ which explains the phenomenon behind characters like Hux (TFA) and Arthur (Inception) pretty well.

I agree with most of this, except for the part where incest/non-con shipping is justified. I know people like to ship, but I don’t think anyone’s holding a gun to their head, forcing people to sexualize children and toxic relationships. The fact remains, even if you “aged them up” or removed the blood relation, or tried to make an abusive relationship “fluffy,” you still looked at the original canon and thought, “sure, that’s acceptable.”

Look, I get it. I know people like to defend “taboo” shipping by saying “Oh, well, most of the people writing it are survivors! Who are you to judge their trauma!?” But trauma doesn’t mean immunity. You’re not immune to criticism if you’ve gone through something terrible. Mental illness doesn’t excuse you from your racism, trauma doesn’t excuse you for normalizing toxic pedophilia, and so on. You’re still culpable for your actions, regardless of your background.

Besides, the majority of people I see writing “taboo” fic? Their excuses go along the lines of: “Well, I don’t support it in real life!” Or, “I didn’t ship it at first, but these siblings are just too close to be platonic!” Or, “Well, but they really wanted it and were just too shy to say so, so it couldn’t be rape!” 

But none of that is excusable. There’s a fine line between kink and a crime, and that line is enthusiastic consent. You like subversive fantasies? Cool. You enjoy humiliation? Fine. Power dynamics, control, pain? All good. But the crux is that you all have to be consenting adults. By definition, incest, rape, and pedophilia is non-consensual. People who are related and children cannot consent - there’s too many power dynamics and conflicting relationships at play. And rape? Well. That’s rape. Never acceptable.

“Well, just don’t go in the tag, then!” is what I often here. “Don’t like, don’t read!” But it’s not about that. This is different from shipping different characters, or having different headcanons, or not liking a certain author’s interpretation. This is making fandom a safe place for disgusting people. This is normalizing abusive behavior. 

Everyone likes to shit on bronies, how they sexualized a children’s cartoon, made it hard for little girls to look up things about their favorite ponies. But no one talks about all the incest in Gravity Falls and Frozen, both of which are shows my baby sister watches. Do you know how uncomfortable it is, when your little sister wants to cosplay Dipper and Mabel with you, and the first Gravity Falls thing you ever saw online was an animated GIF of those two characters making out?

I don’t care how you’ve justified things in your head. Normalizing toxic relationships has real world consequences. It doesn’t matter if you “support it” or not, just giving those toxic values a place to flourish gives potential offenders a place to feel safe, and makes the rest of us feel unsafe. Fandom is supposed to be somewhere we can all feel safe. Until people start speaking up and admitting that maybe incest, rape, and pedophilia shouldn’t be a normal part of fandom, then count me the fuck out.

Nowhere in here (that I noticed) referred to incest/non-con as being justified, though. It’s not justified, but it IS statistically unsurprising (incest especially) that when those characters are the most well written and are driving the story, they’re gonna end up shipped together. That is, presuming the premise that people are wont to ship any piece of media that is meaningful to them. Naturally, there are many people for whom the unpleasantness of such a ship deters them from writing it (my feelings on Dipper/Mabel, for example), even if that show is important and emotionally meaningful for the individual. Some do everything they can to eliminate the problematic component by writing AU where ages are changed or family members are no longer related. And some just write it anyway, for whatever reason. None of those facts are condoning that behavior, or saying that it’s socially/ethically acceptable to ship incest/non-con, merely that it’s not terribly surprising when it does happen, given the parameters for frequency of popular ships, as described above.

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Good thread on the Toronto Police/Black Lives Matter/Pride Toronto by @purplechrain

This really is the most important thing to remmber - no one EVER banned cops from being at Pride, that isn’t what cops WANTED. They wanted to be HONORED at Pride SPECIFICALLY for being police, they wanted to march in uniforms and carrying guns through the middle of Pride and force the LGBT community to bow to them. Any cop could go to Pride, but when told they couldn’t make a literal show of force at Pride they asked for its funding to be pulled, like that doesn’t prove exactly why they aren’t welcome

We fought them at Stonewall for the same attitude. There will never be pride in police, gay or straight.

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“Strict new regulations on abortion providers were approved Tuesday by the Missouri House, setting up a showdown with the state Senate over just how expansive the legislation should ultimately be.

On a 110-38 vote, the House approved legislation that requires the state health department to conduct annual, unannounced, on-site inspections and investigations of abortion facilities.

The bill gives the state attorney general new authority to prosecute violations of abortion laws without first notifying local prosecutors. It also enacts new requirements for pathologists who provide services to abortion clinics, and repeals a St. Louis ordinance that bans employers and landlords from discriminating against women who have had an abortion, use contraceptives or are pregnant.”

Source (x)

I’m literally speechless.


I love the state I live in. /s

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david wojnarowicz, close to the knives 

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