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May 22 2017

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I feel so attacked

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This was so dramatic I had to draw something!!!!

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Good DM Dan.

The fact that this has almost 200 notes is ridiculous…

Good DM Dan is a fucking scholar and saint.

Be like Dan.

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- aka send ah more dildos and less weapons

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When your racism conflicts with your misogyny.



Yesterday my mom, my 5 year old nephew and i were hanging out, and my mom kept constantly using female pronouns and calling me by my birth-name. 

finally my nephew interrupted her to say, 

“He wants to be called Ben. He’s a boy now. You can’t call him a girl if he’s a boy.” 

and right after that, she started using my pronouns and name correctly. i guess it kind of hits you hard when a 5 year old child calls you out, cause anytime i’d try to correct her she’d keep making the excuse, “It’s hard, I’m trying.” 

i am so proud of my nephew, i shit you not.

YES! on the fourth of July, my 8 year old cousin followed me around and everytime someone called me by my birth name, she whispered “Ben” behind me.

When I went home for my birthday this past week, my parents were using the right name/calling me Ben but using the wrong pronouns. When I gently reminded them of my pronouns, my step dad was incredibly defensive and yelled at me and said not to bring it up. The next day, (my actual birthday), I was alone with my 14 year old brother. I told him I was bummed, told him the story and asked if he wouldn’t mind trying to use the correct pronouns around our family to lead by example/encourage them. He was like yeah no problem dude! Layer that night, my mom used the wrong pronouns and my brother responded with “yeah, I think he would like that.” And looked at me and smiled and my mom responded using the correct pronouns.

This trickle down education bullshit clearly does not work. Younger kids are so eager to understand and accept things, and it makes so much more sense for kids to be taught and go on to educate their parents.

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Photographer Mattias Klum from National Geographic gets close and personal with a lion.

“and all of a sudden you feel very small” damn right


please, if you are able, do what you can for the asiatic lion. donate, get involved, spread information. there are only about 300 left in the world, and they all live in Gir Forest National Park in India.

the african lion is also estimated to be extinct by 2050 due to habitat loss, sport hunting, and loss of their prey base to the bushmeat trade. these beautiful creatures could be extinct in our lifetime. the next generation may not ever have the chance to see these creatures, there will be no more cute lion vines, there will be no more documentaries, there will be no more zoos or sanctuaries containing lions. there will be no more lions.

if you have any love for nature, any love for animals, any love for life, and if you care at all about the permanent loss of a species, especially one so beautiful and iconic, if you care and if you are able, please donate to help save lions.

The Lion Conservation Fund

The African Wildlife Foundation

The World Wildlife Foundation

Not relevant to my blog, but my inner nature lover is calling

This made me tear up tbh

Hey! Please consider donating to smaller organizations. Not that World Wildlife Foundation hasn’t been great for educating, but a lot of the donations go to maintenance (i.e. paying it’s staff and not really helping lions). 

One great organization for African lions is Ewaso Lion Watch. They help to train guides for ecotourism, anti-poaching, and aid with livestock that were lost to lions.

Zoos are also working super hard to make sure we have a sustainable population in human care. This is not only to make sure we can help to educate people on these amazing animals, but it’s also kind of like a backup in case the lion population gets to the point where we need to introduce them into the wild. Plus, with our animal ambassadors, we raise a lot of money for different organizations, including Ewaso Lion Watch.

And yeah…You will feel freaking tiny when you are right next to a lion, even if there is mesh barrier separating you.

May 21 2017






whats the difference between bi people and unicorns

i can see unicorns on movies and tv

I told this to my mum and she was like “That’s not t… yes it is.”

Also, unicorns on tv are called unicorns, not ‘horses that don’t like labels’

horses that don’t like labels

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god sharon



The way we purposely mangle, misspell, and interrupt the name of a person or thing on Tumblr to avoid a post being found in tags or searches makes me think of various folklore- where a being is summoned by speaking their name. Add this to the list of reasons why the Internet is a folkloric culture of its own.

Every time you type his real name, Bumpershoot Cumbernickle gets cast in another role that could’ve been done better by someone else

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When people are actually being rounded up and sent to concentration camps in this year of 2017 to be beaten and killed for who they are but that doesn’t matter because a fast food chain founded by people with different views than yourself has opened near your college campus 

Listen up assholes, a) you can care about more than one thing at a damn time; these students caring about this issue doesn’t mean they care about literally nothing else. Actually, college students are often some of the most active when it comes to volunteer work, fundraising, and supporting social justice. Chances are these students all have at least one other cause they are heavily involved in supporting, if not more.

And b) I went to a college that affiliated itself with Chik-Fil-A. T. Cathy was on the board of trustees and the company funded a scholarship at the school. And let me tell you, that fucker took every opportunity to let the LGBT students know that if it were solely up to him, none of us would be allowed.

Recipients of that scholarship lived in separate dorms 3 miles from the main campus and had to sign really invasive “pure Christian living” pledges that, of course, included not being queer. They could literally lose funding for their education if they were found in violation of that pledge, on or off campus. That program was one of the biggest sources (if not THE biggest) of scholarship money at the school, and it explicitly excluded LGBT students. But it didn’t stop there. We–the rest of the student body–weren’t allowed to have a GSA for DECADES because of Cathy’s influence, leading to a lot of isolation for LGBT students and glossing over of hate crimes against them.

In my senior year I was roommates with the president of the unofficial “LGBT support network.” We finally managed to get the administration to let us meet on campus at all (but not advertise in school event publications or access student organization funding).

I saw a lot of shit during that time, including the school making up increasingly obvious bullshit excuses not to let us form an official student organization. My roommate had to have regular meetings with the dean of students–a responsibility shared by all other student organizations, even though we got none of the same benefits–and she used to panic before the meetings and cry after them. They were basically just a way to verbally and emotionally abuse her, keep us “in check,” and appear to be giving us special consideration all the while.

And ALL of that shit led straight back to Cathy’s queerphobic ass.

Don’t even get me started on the shady shit that went down within the scholarship recipients. Many of them were lovely people, but I swear every time something fucked up happened, it seems like it was someone from that goddamn program. Their shenanigans actually made national news at least once while I was there, painting the entire school in a terrible light.

So these students have every reason to be concerned. I wouldn’t want that fucker and his shitty, over-hyped chicken anywhere near my school if I were them, not even in the most casual and seemingly innocuous way. Because he always find some way to bring his shitty views with him and spread them like a virus.

I mean, the CEO of Chick-fil-a gave profits to an anti-gay lobbying group that tried to stop the US from condemning Uganda for murdering their gay citizens, so actually, these two things aren’t that far apart…

Also, to add on to it, let’s not pretend there’s not an implicit threat here, of “be quiet and don’t complain, be grateful that we aren’t putting you in concentration camps”

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My dad told me recently that the most important public health workers are garbage collectors and janitors. So much of our health relies on a clean environment. These people do some of the most important work in society. If we learned in dirty public environments full of garbage, we’d all be sick. I cannot thank these people enough for the valuable work that they do.

Sanitation workers are a gift. Treasure them. Respect them. Fear them.

That being said, I clean parks.

The stigma against blue-collar work in America is ridiculous. They deserve massive respect.

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billionaire could give me %.01 of his wealth and change my life while he is virtually unaffected.

0.01% of $1,000,000,000 is $100,000.

Which, for some people, is as much as they’d make in five years of 60 hour weeks of labor.

And this is one hundredth of one percent of the bare minimum of being a billionaire.

Also, if the billionaire has a decent bank account setup (which, let’s face it, billionaire has), that $100,000 will just come back the next time interest happens.  It is a perpetually regenerating $100,000.

With $100,000 I could fix my credit, buy a house in my family’s hometown and a car, drive back there to live, and have a small cushion left over to get me through till I find a local job—which wouldn’t have to be high-paying, mind, since my house would be paid off. If I brought my mom with me, she could afford to quit her three jobs and start collecting on her Social Security. We could live quite well and I might not even have to finish college to get a job with a wage that would pay our bills and expenses. “Life-changing” is no exaggeration.

reasons USA capitalism and especially “trickle down economics” are both bullshit: because they allow situations like this


My education would be set. My health would be paid for. And god, you could invest a lil of whats left anf turn it back for yourself


I propose anyone who claims a specific job doesn’t deserve a living wage doesn’t get to utilize those services anymore.

You think working fast food justifies struggling to survive?
You don’t get to eat fast food anymore.

You think cashiers and baggers don’t deserve to be able to provide for themselves and their families?
Looks like you’re using self-checkout from here on, even now that you’ll be buying a lot more groceries, since you’ll be cooking everything at home, since you can’t eat fast food anymore.

And you can count out eating at regular restaurants too, because those waiters and waitresses don’t even make the regular MINIMUM wage, and rely on tips to make up the difference, and are lucky if your cheap ass even tips the suggested amount.

Going into pretty much any clothing or beauty store and have an important question about something?
Tough shit. You’re now blocked off from communicating in any way with retail workers.
You can’t even get the things you need from the shelf - you have to dig through a special section of boxes that came straight from delivery, because the products don’t walk to the shelves themselves.

Minimum wage workers run a whole hell of a lot of the conveniences you probably count on.
If you, and others, so heavily rely on the people doing these jobs, why THE FUCK do you think they don’t deserve a living wage for doing them?

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D.Va rig

junkrat rig

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Costume. Chitons.

Marjorie & C. H. B.Quennell, Everyday Things in Archaic Greece (London: B. T. Batsford, 1931).

Wait, wait…. Is that seriously it? How their clothes go?

that genuinely is it

yeah hey whats up bout to put some fucking giant sheets on my body

lets bring back sheetwares

When you’re carding, spinning and weaving everything from scratch, using the big squares exactly as they come off the loom must seem like a fucking brilliant idea. 90% (or more) of pre-14th century clothing is made purely on squares (and sometimes triangles cut from squares). 

How did they get the fabric so fine it draped like that? Was that something medieval europe forgot? Or do I just have a completely misguided image of historical clothing?

Medieval Europe also had incredibly fine weaves, though the ancient world tended to have them beat. Linen was found in Egypt woven with a fineness that we’re still trying to replicate, and there was a kind of cotton woven in India called ‘woven wind’ that was supposedly still translucent at eight layers, and wool shawls so fine that the entire thing could be drawn through a wedding ring

The way they could get away with pinking and slashing doublets in the 16th century was partially because the fabrics were so tightly woven that you could simply cut a line on the bias and nothing would fray. 

Modern fabric machining sucks ass in terms of giving us any kind of quality like the kind human beings produced prior to the Industrial Revolution. 

*yells about textile history*

Reblogging because it’s fascinating.

The Celts made very fine clothing as well. They invented plaid after all, and the same weaves that have been found at the La Tene/Halstatt salt mines in Austria were also found as far away as western China in the tombs of the Tarim mummies.

Can we talk about 18th century and regency era muslin as well because that shit is gorgeous. It’s so fine it’s more transparent than silk chiffon and oh the tiny hems you can make with it!! I have an 18th century neckerchief and the hem is about 2mm wide. Not kidding, 2mm!!! Because it didn’t fray like our stuff does now. All we can produce nowadays is a rough, scratchy, bullshit excuse for muslin and it’s horrid.

I love this because we’ve gotten so blind to what makes ‘good’ fabric now - machine lace? horrible scratchy shit mostly made from poly. Actual lace is handmade, lasts for fucking EVER and looks stunning. 

Regency gowns fucking rocked in terms of fabric quality - we use muslin as a ‘throw away’ before sewing the real fabric, back then it WAS a real fabric and it was so finely made you wouldn’t even think it was the same stuff. 

Hand hemming is still the best way to finish off anything, but harder than hell because of the shitty weave of modern fabrics. 

Satin? Silks?!

Pah. Yes, fabric is cheaper, more affordable and varied than before, but it is an area where QUALITY was sacrificed for QUANTITY. 

(I don’t want to seem like I’m shitting on how great we have it now for clothes and martials or anything, because YAY!! but also, I’d love to get my mits on a bolt of real Muslin) 

archaeologists recently found some Bronze Age fabric woven on site and preserved in marsh in England. it’s fine to die for. they were exporting it and trading into Asia.

I’m not into fashion, but I love reading about the history and evolution of it.

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get to know the blogger



anonymously (or not) ask me any question you’d like to know about me

i’m bored 2 death










ive been sitting on a phone call with a guy from microsoft for an hour now after my computer crashed so he can help me re-upgrade to win10 and 99% of it has been pure silence but 5 mins ago he asked me if he can go pee.

i told him bro u been sittin here watching my slow ass computer install windows 10 for over 50 minutes you can go make yourself a cup of tea and a sandwich if you want.

he came back and apologised for making me wait for him but he said he made a sandwich and a coffee and now he’s chilling at his desk having a bite to eat and we’re just hanging out watching my percentage climb.

im getting jack of the silence so i asked him where he’s from bc he has an accent and theres a slight delay and he said he’s in the philippines so now we’re talking about the girl who won silver in the weightlifting at rio and he’s so proud of her its adorable.

apparently it’s the first medal the philippines has won since the olympics in 1996 so this woman is a hero over there rn. i love hearing underdog stories i want to hear more.

shit boy now we’re talking about how countries like the US and australia are disappointed when they dont win gold medals but athletes from countries like the philippines are the pride of the nation if they even place and how it suggestive of the values of first world countries


we’re two hours in and i asked him what his record was for the longest phone call and he said five and a half.


im on hold again bc his supervisor wants something but apparently the five and a half hour phone call was because a guy was mad that he couldn’t figure out how to work windows 8 when he got a new computer so my tech guy spent nearly six hours teaching him how to use a fucking operating system.

this guy has the patience of a damn saint can we give him a medal or something like lets give the philippines their second medal in 20 years pleASE.

my computer finally entered its boot-reboot stage after installation and he asked me in the most polite way humanely possible if we could perhaps end the call and he will call me back tomorrow to make sure the upgrade finished properly.

this guy just spent over two hours chilling on the phone with me and he’s still gonna call me back tomorrow just to check that everything is ok.

i feel like ive entered a new plane of existence.


he called me back like he promised he would and asked whether everything was okay, and i told him it was and that ive reinstalled everything.

he said he was so happy that my computer is working again and that he was so glad that i was his customer because he’s not used to being able to chat and talk with the people on the other end just for the hell of it and it made his day yesterday.

his supervisor got on the phone and i gave him a glowing review, she said shes going to email me a survey so i can put it all on paper so he has the physical feedback to his name.

honestly that just made the whole stress of my computer crashing its pants so much better.

also his name is jhon. 

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