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October 08 2017

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Lil J…


I feel like each year has progressively gotten worse since the Year of Luigi ended

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LGBT+ PRIDE (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

yo I usually don’t comment outside of tags anymore cuz I don’t like to clutter up posts too much but these are fucking DOPE AS HELL

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I saw this pop up on my dash about a week ago and thought it was adorable.  


THEN, lemonteaflower started making some amazing art based on the idea…


SOON lots of people had hopped on the bandwagon with more art, stories, and even some animation!

LASTLY, THE ACTUAL MISS OFFICER contacted lemonteaflower to say she had seen the content and loved it!!


aged like fine wine




u ever wear fingerless gloves and hold a hot drink and immediately feel like a 1900s victorian urchin taking a break from pickpocketing to gratefully accept a meal from the soup kitchen

How did u KNOW

October 05 2017

Joke Time!



So Gabe Newell, George R. R. Martin and Todd Howard are sitting at the bar, not doing anything.

Fake. Todd Howard is clearly trying to port Skyrim to the nearby karaoke machine.

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I Will Not Be Eaten

who is she !!!





The 2nd Amendment is no longer the right to bear arms. 
The 2nd Amendment has become the right to take lives.
The 2nd Amendment is no longer aiding citizens. 
The 2nd Amendment is now abetting murderers.

When the laws don’t work, the laws must change. 

Well, clearly you failed 9th grade Social Studies.

You know… I honestly don’t remember how did in 9th grade Social Studies?

I did okay majoring in Political Science and American Government in undergrad though. I graduated summa cum laude so I figure I must have learned something?

Law school also went alright I guess? I did somehow manage to get an article about the constitutionality and modification of excessive force laws through out the 50 states placed in a national publication. And I also managed to pass the Bar Exam. 

But yeah it’s totally possible I failed 9th grade social studies tbh. I was a little shit when I was 15 and gave no fucks. 

Hey, 911, I just witnessed a murder.

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During the 15-hour Senate filibuster on gun control, there were 38 shootings that killed 12 people and injured 36 more across America

That roughly translates to one shooting per every 23 minutes.

Oh wow…

Small things I love about Moana







  • There is no talk of finding Moana a husband. SHE is going to be chief of her village. No one can take that from her.
  • How Moana is a competent leader before she even sets out on her journey.
  • The village seems to have more or less a hereditary monarchy that disregards gender and the matriarchal influence is clear: Moana is mostly inspired by her grandmother and the major deity in this movie is a Mother Goddess.
  • “Crazy” does not mean worthy of ridicule.
  • The central questions: “Do you know who you are? How do you know who you are?” Those cut deep.
  • The sibling relationship between Moana and Maui.
  • The vision about the ancient wayfinders. And “Know the Way,” which makes the entire sequence a million times more emotional.
  • This might be a Disney Princess movie, but it is also solidly an action movie.
  • Moana doesn’t like being called “princess”.
  • The goddamn gold-plated glow-in-the-dark giant crab. Who sings well.
  • Forehead touches. Between a human girl and a goddess.
  • The fact that Heihei manages to do ONE USEFUL THING in the entire movie.
  • Moana is so sturdily built. She managed to clock Maui, of all people.
  • Nature has agency.
  • How Gramma Tala’s passing is quietly understated. Her last words to Moana are those of sincere encouragement and her death is not explicitly shown. But you see the huge luminous sting ray a couple minutes later and you just know.
  • The entire sequence at the beginning that depicts island life. And Chris Jackson’s singing. Everyone’s singing, really.
  • Moana gulping deep lungfuls of air the first time her canoe overturned is so realistic, I could feel myself choking on ocean water.
  • The coconut pirates. They are VICIOUS little fuckers.
  • Moana earning a place among Maui’s tattoos.
  • Gramma Tala’s spirit is solid enough to hug. No more “LOOK INSIDE YOURSELF SIMBA” from the clouds.
  • Disney smashing the fourth wall and throwing shade at their own Princess story formula.
  • Romance is never ever ever even hinted at. Because Moana is all of 14 years old and she has bigger things on her mind.
  • All the songs. ALL OF THEM. They hit just the right emotional cues.
  • How culturally rich Disney managed to make this movie.
  • The sheer vividness of the animation. The wealth of expression on the faces of these characters. The colors.

I hope you don’t mind if I add to this

- Moana and Maui tying their hair up (as a native Polynesian girl I can say with full certainty that putting our hair in a bun with one hand is a skill you are born with)

- Maui himself was such a huge part of my childhood I loved seeing him in a Disney Movie

- Seriously, during “You’re Welcome” I was practically screaming in the theater because I GREW UP WITH THAT

- The fact that the water is a character

- Her hair was constantly slapping her in the fact that was beautiful

- During a lot of Maui’s scenes I could see The Rock’s Samoan Culture peeking through (I’m Samoan, this made me cry)

- Maui’s size

- I have brothers his shape and build, with his hair, and with tons of tattoos, I saw them in him and it also made me cry

- Tamatoa

- The line where Moana sings “I’m a girl who loves my island” because that made my heart sing

- “I will carry you here in my heart!” Because yes, yes, yes, when someone we love dies they stay with us-we carry them forever

- The disembodied voice of Lin Manuel-Miranda

- Maui casually acknowledging and respecting nonbinary people (which I believe is actually a cultural nod?)

-A teenage character played by an actual teenager

-The only non-Polynesian actor in the entire movie played Heihei and the villager who suggested cooking Heihei


They also made an official translation in the Maori language.

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they have so much to learn… maybe too much

i did the most stupid laugh?? bless

This is probably my favorite thing to come out of the ME fandom.

“strict supervision”

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October 04 2017


I love Achievement Hunter

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