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February 02 2018

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January 15 2018

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i noticed this thing with a lot of men. they tend to be really generous and kind only to women they’re attracted to. duh, obvious statement to most of you but it’s jarring when you see it first hand and it’s so prevalent and insidious to the point that it feels uncomfortable accepting help from a strange without thinking of the possibility of him having ulterior motives. and it’s disheartening knowing that if you’re in a position needing a man’s help, a lot of times it will depend entirely on whether or not he’s attracted to you. and the problem is that they think this goes both ways. i can show a simple gesture of kindness and a man will take it as me coming on to him. me letting you go in front of me on the checkout line because you have one item, me offering change because you don’t have any, or anything other well-intentioned act of kindness results in a man trying to eventually make a move thinking that it’s mutual. how sad it must be to think that there’s no kindness for the sake of kindness. that all good done in this world is based on sexual impulses instead of the desire to help another human being just how you like to be helped. 


i think another trend to ditch is attaching MORAL significance to one’s stage of recovery. like unfortunately people on here are starting to act like hating yourself or struggling more heavily with your mental health than others makes you a bad person and like. it doesnt. what determines the kind of person you are is how you treat others, not your personal struggles

that doesnt mean its ‘okay’ to hate yourself or whatever, its a bad mindset to be in and you need to make moves to start finding value in yourself and take steps towards having a better future rather than accepting stagnancy. but it doesnt make you a bad person and youre still a valuable person who is loved regardless of your feelings towards yourself or the things youre fighting with. 

someone who hates themself is at a different stage of their recovery, and though they need to make the choice to move forward, they also need support. they arent a tool for your moral posturing to treat like a bad person and “anti recovery” for not being as healthy as you are

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This person…. fixes butterflies….. 🦋


every time you reblog this post, another butterfly flutters for the first time



my favorite thing about brooklyn 99 is that my favorite character is literally whichever character happens to be speaking at any given moment they’re all so good

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San Francisco federal building yesterday



Okay so Norway is like such an odd country cause like listen to this

Norwegians consume 9% of all Pepsi max produced

Norwegians eat the second most tacos in the world, just after Mexico

Norwegians drink the second most coffee in the world, just after USA

Norwegians read the second most comic books in the world, just after japan

There are only 5 million people in Norway

And apparently they are having an AMAZING time.



dorian hid that painting but I bet y'all if he’d just hung it in his living room and been like “oh yeah I get someone to come in and paint it to be slightly more gruesome every night” and everybody woulda been like “I believe you you dramatic bitch” 

dorian, completely serious over a glass of wine, hand trembling: this painting is the literal decay of my soul. this painting is all my sinful anguish and moral depravity

literally anyone who knew him longer than 5 minutes:


I work at Starbucks and yesterday night these two big Italian men come in and order some coffees so I ask for the first guys name and he says in his thick Italian accent that it’s Mario. I’m thinking ok that’s a pretty common name for a middle aged Italian dude. But then his friend orders an when I ask his name he says its Luigi

and I can’t help it

I giggle a little to which Luigi says to his friend Mario “I told you she’d get it” and that’s the story of how I got memed on by two middle aged Italian men on Christmas eve

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#1 Bastion Kolorblind ( came out as a transgirl! PogChamp

okay but watch this clip she basically came out out of spite because someone said she looks like a girl and mood

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(Originally published in Comics For Choice)

January 14 2018

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mom snapped!!!

PSA: if you smoke marijuana, please tell your anesthesia team.




They’re not going to rat you out. They’re going to adjust your anesthesia dosage so you don’t WAKE UP IN THE MIDDLE OF SURGERY.

Some anesthesiologists will refuse to put you under if you’ve smoked cannabis within the past 24 hours – and let’s be clear, this is NOT because they’re morally against it – it’s because THC and anesthetic react in unpredictable ways and waking up in the middle of surgery is slightly less of a concern than SLIPPING INTO A COMA OR DYING. 

So there’s that.

Yes, this too. Should have included this. It just wasn’t on my mind when I made the original post because my mind was full of NOPE NOPE NOPE after, you guessed it, one of my patients woke up in the middle of her surgery because she didn’t tell her anesthesia team she used marijuana.

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Okay but lets illustrate how much white privileged is involved with this story. The weapons this little demon used to kill Grant Nelson were stolen from Walmart. She walked into Walmart, grabbed a machete and a knife, and then just casually walked out the door without anyone attempting to stop her. You get a box of tampons from Walmart and you don’t have it in a bag, they wanna check your receipt. Becky the Sociopath walked out unchecked with literal weapons.

Then she had time to wait outside for the uber this poor man drove to come pick her up. Then she got in his back seat and stabbed him multiple times, pushed him out onto the street, and stole the car. He was able to tell the police who stabbed him before he died. She then crashes the car and is found by the police hiding behind a tree covered in blood. The police try to gently coerce her into dropping her fucking blood covered knives and when she refuses do they shoot her eight times? Oh noooo Lizzy Borden gets tazed and brought in unharmed.

Like just think about the stories that have come out these past two weeks alone. The unarmed black teenager who were literally murdered based on vague suspicion and this girl actually kills someone and is still standing.

The white girl who stole weapons from Walmart and killed an Uber driver was taken alive.

The white guy who took weapons to a convention and planned to kill Jason David Frank and multiple police officers was taken alive.

The white guy who murdered two men who had tried to defend the Muslim women he was harassing was taken alive.

Don’t tell me police had to kill Tamir Rice or Michael Brown or ANYONE else out of caution or fear for their safety. Not when white people who are legitimate threats, even direct threats to police, are routinely taken alive.

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you wouldn’t download a filing cabinet



me: i’ll track this tag so i can see more content relevent to my interests

Tumblr: you wanna see one post over and over? you wanna see the same post every day? every day for the rest of your life?

It’s not that “This particular post sucks” it’s “I’ve seen this post 50 fucking times in the last hour please stop”

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Being in a mid-2000s High School Health class and they show you this on DVD

Didn’t that turn out to be a load of bullshit that no-one can replicate the results of to this day?

Yep! His results were faked, and the entire film was basically anti-McDonald’s scaremongering, “poor people are stupid” and “fat people don’t get any sex”. It’s also thanks to this asshat that McDonald’s can’t advertise fuckin’ Happy Meals anymore and had to get rid of all their characters and their super size option, particularly because he claimed without evidence that they have a kid-fattening agenda, don’t list their nutritional info anywhere and have a mission statement from their CEO to make people sick and unhealthy from eating there for every single meal. On top of this, he actually tried to claim in a bonus experiment that McDonald’s fries aren’t actually fries because they don’t rot when left in an airtight container for a long time but all the burgers do–which is thanks to the oil and salt they’re loaded with, not some big conspiracy where the fries, which are processed and supplied by McCain in Canada, aren’t actually goddamn chopped potatoes–and equated the containers to a human stomach. Yes, cause the human stomach is an airtight container that food sits in for months, right? Spurlock, did veganism turn your brain completely off or something? Hell, the fucker even tried to claim credit for McDonald’s having salads, falsely stating at one point they didn’t have any before he “exposed” their EVIL PLANS.

Yeah, that’s another thing to remember, he’s apparently a vegan. He didn’t let anyone know he’s one, of course, he only mentioned his girlfriend is one, because it would’ve made his vomiting after a single McDonald’s meal, something literally no one else on the planet has done, seem less ZOMG SCARY.

Want a good film of this nature? Try Tom Naughton’s Fat Head instead, a film where a guy actively proves Spurlock wrong by actually losing weight while eating nothing but fast food for a month. He accomplishes this by NOT fucking gorging himself on the unhealthiest food choices, eating more meals than he claims or cutting out his usual physical activity. While he’s at it, he also exposes exactly why Spurlock is a total fraud. In the process, he gets actual doctors and nutrition experts to help him explain why everything you know about healthy eating is probably wrong or half-true, inform us about good and bad cholesterol, expose the real reasons behind the so-called “obesity epidemic” and point out why fat =/= unhealthy by default. Yeah, Naughton encourages viewers to try the paleo diet in the end, but at least it comes off more as a suggestion and doesn’t demonize anyone in the process.

Wow, everything I know is now a lie.

Also, to elaborate on this, Spurlock claimed that he was eating 5,000 calories a day, and yet when a Swedish university tried this very experiment with several different students, no one (I repeat, no one) could even come close to replicating the results.

So yeah, Spurlock basically lied to prove a point, who would have guessed

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